CMP Initiative





Class & Subject

Learning Objective 

Learning objective realized or not

Name of the teacher in charge alongwith designation

1 Renovation and Rearrangement  of Resource room in Primary Section- Addition of TLM and frequently used by teachers by pool method (instructed by RO,Lucknow) Class I to V in all subjects Development of skills of observation , sharing, constructing knowledge. Realised fully Mrs.D.Nandini, PRT & All concerned teachers
2 Block wise timetable and activity room, P.T. Class I to V in all subjects To facilitate the activities suitable for understanding a given concept Fully Smt.D.Nandini, PRT
3 Class Library : All publication books and current magazines. Exchange of magazines among Classes and sections Class I to V To inculcate reading habit Fully  
Mrs.Kanta Devi,PRT
4 Film Show- regularly two sections watch movies at a time under teachers guidance and observation Class I to V To inculcate moral and education values. To encourage to narrate thin experiences Realised Mrs.Meena Singh, HM
5 Community Lunch Class I to V in all classes To develop habit of eating good food items, good food habits, sharing and caring Realised fully Class teachers and all co-class teachers
6 Practice of worksheet, Sample  paper, question bank Class III to V To help the children for construction of knowledge Realised All subject teachers
7 Development of Spoken English self introduction ambition shared by  child in the assembly Class I to V To develop speaking skill and to remove stage hasitation Fully realised All Class teachers and spoken English teachers
8 Cub-Bulbul Programme activities conducted an every Wednesday Class III to XII To develop values of co-operation, Kindness , quality and leadership etc Realised Dr. Rama Jain, PRT I/c
Shri Shri Satish Chnadra, TGT
9 Programmes under health club activity All classes To create a health promoting enviornment Realised Smt.Meena Singh,HM
Smt.Kanta Devi,PRT
Smt.Sapna Mishra,Music Teacher
10 C.C.A.- conduction of Prayer Class wise, Board display, house wise, every Monday to Saturday All Houses To develop overall personality of the child Realised HM
All house masters and associates.