Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers (Updated on the last working day of the month).

Sl.No. Innovation and Experimentation Class and subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.
1 Availability of TLM in Resource Room. I V in all subjects Everlasting learning for conducting indoor/outdoor activity Realised fully and some time partially H.M. / Mrs D Nandani as a incharge and all concern teachers
2 Block wise time table and activity room time table and six period time table I V To facilitate the activities suitable for understanding a given concept Realised fully H.M. 
3 Class Library I V in every section To provide extra reading material and to develop reading habit and inculcate moral values in them Fully I/C and all concern teachers
4 Conducting Film Show Every class & section 1. To encourage to narrate their experiences.

2. To develop educational , moral and social values

Yes realized fully and some time partially H.M. and all class teachers.
5 Community Lunch I V To develop the attitude of caring and sharing Realised H.M.and all class teachers and co-class teachers.
6 Sports Activities planned for each class month wise co-operation To develop physical grouth and feeling of Fully realised   H.M. ANDall concerned teachers.