Principal Message



We live at a time of mindboggling change in all sphere of human activities. Therefore there is a need to adequately prepare our students to keep up with the times and take on the challenges paused by such a fast moving world.

This requires a complete overhauling of our attitudes towards the process of learning and also towards our handling of children in particular. We need to respect the rights of the child and realize that each child has a right to a dignified existence, right to be heard and treated with due respect.

Being sincere in our duties towards children is one way in which we can serve the student community and then the nation as a whole. Therefore we the teachers should be prepared to bring the child into the forefront of our scheme of priorities.

Parents too have an important responsibility towards their wards at home. The knowledge and skills that are imparted at the Vidyalaya need to be constantly reinforced at home by regular monitoring and matured guidance. It is important to ensure a conducive learning atmosphere at home so that the child feels comfortable and feels happy with himself and his immediate environment which is a prerequisite for productive learning and positive growth.

Children need to realize the importance of time and opportunities. They should grab every opportunity for learning and acquisition of skills provided in the Vidyalaya. Taking part in co-scholastic activities, taking an active part in class rooms discussions symposiums, group activities, involving yourselves in group projects that are assigned by your teachers etc. will certainly go a long way in building your confidence which will help you immensely in your later life where your interpersonal and communication skills will be put to real test.

So let us all teachers, parents and other  members of the community join our hands together in this noble task of shaping the destiny of this new generation which is anxious to grow up and reach out for  the horizons of success.